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INTERLUDE haircare information card


  • Brush your hair several times a day

  • Brush hair before washing

  • Use a Wet Brush or a brush that is
    designed to work with extensions

  • When brushing hair, work your way 
    up from ends of the hair to the scalp

  • Wash and condition your hair as needed

  • Use sulfate and alcohol free products 

  • Use a conditioning treatment weekly

  • Wear your hair in a loose braid at night

  • Wear your hair in a tight braid while exercising or swimming

  • Blow dry hair on a medium setting

  • Always dry base of extensions,
    even if you let the hair air dry

  • Brush wefts individually 

  • Firmly grip the top of your extensions
    while brushing to avoid excess pulling

  • Apply oil to mid and ends of hair  


  • Avoid getting your extensions wet in the pool, lake or ocean without applying conditioner and braiding the hair

  • Rinse and condition the hair after 
    being in a pool, lake or ocean

  • Do not use high heat when 
    blow drying and styling 

  • Do not sleep on wet hair 

  • Do not apply conditioner to 
    the beaded row or tape 

  • Do not apply oil to the root, beaded 
    row or tape to avoid slipping

  • If you are using dry shampoo, avoid getting excess product on extensions 
    as it can dry hair over time

  • Avoid products with a tint, sunscreens or tanning oils as they may stain the hair 

  • Do not remove your own extensions

  • Do not shampoo for 24 hours 
    after tape-in install 

  • Salt water, chlorine and hard 
    water may strip color over time

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