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The Hand Tied is a great option when you're looking for the most seamless blend into your natural hair. Our Hand Tied extensions offer a thinner, more natural blend as they are sewn by hand and lay much closer to the scalp. Due to their light and delicate nature, our Hand Tied extensions are perfect for finer hair textures, though they are suitable for all hair types.


Offering 4 pieces per pack, this will allow you the option to use multiple colors for the most natural end result and customizable color options for your Guest.


For special orders please email:


  • T8/18/22

    65 total grams

    4 pieces

    16.5 grams per weft

    11.5" wide

  • Just like natural and colored hair, extension color will fade over time. Using salon quality products will help with the longevity of the color, but does not guarantee that color will not fade. Hair extensions may be colored and toned, but we do not recommend bleaching.

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